Client Renderer Library


LibAVStream is a helper library for streaming video and geometry data between a server and client. A user of this library constructs an avs::Pipeline instance, and configures the pipeline with avs::PipelineNode subclass instances. Nodes can receive data from other nodes, process it, and pass the processed data on to other nodes.

A pipeline operates on a single thread, while queues allow threads to exchange data. For example, the server’s Network pipeline connects several avs::Queue instances to a single avs::NetworkSink. For example, the video encoding pipeline links an avs::Surface that receives raw video frames, to an avs::Encoder, and finally to a queue. On another thread, the same queue in the network pipeline passes the data to the avs::NetworkSink.



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struct GeometryCache

A container for geometry sent from servers and cached locally. There is one instance of GeometryCache for each connected server, and a local GeometryCache for the client’s own objects.